A Public Memorial dedicated to reflecting and honoring

those we lost in Los Angeles, starting Jan 2020.

May 7th - May 31st 2021

647 Mateo Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Classroom of Compassion, Los Angeles, I hope u know how loved u are, 2021. Mixed media installation. Image courtesy Classroom of Compassion.

Los Angeles, we invite you to remember.

Perhaps you have lost someone dear to you during this time, whether to Covid-19 or otherwise. If so, join us in creating a common remembrance space that reflects the lives, lessons, and love stories lost amid the pandemic.

Our city has been through so much. This memorial is meant to provide a public space of remembrance for all of the grief we've experienced starting in January of 2020.


If you have lost a loved one, a relative, a friend, a community member or anyone else close to you, we invite you to share in this space to honor their life.


I hope u know how loved u are. I hope u know how much u mean to the world.

Submit your loved one's name, photo and story for this growing Community Memorial  here.



Help us in raising funds to continue sharing this story and honoring those we've lost across our city of Los Angeles.

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