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About this Project

Classroom of Compassion

Los Angeles, I hope u know how loved u are

LOCATION: Little Tokyo Car Wash (647 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021)

DATES: May 7 – 31, 2021

Classroom of Compassion (David Maldonado and Noah Reich) is a collective that over the past five years has explored the role that public memorials have in helping communities process grief. For Things With Feathers, TMR’s trio of projects for Art Rise, Classroom of Compassion will present a large-scale floral altar to remember the many Angelenos we’ve lost amid the pandemic and in particular those from communities that have been disproportionately affected. The work is envisioned as a space and moment to grieve and memorialize the many angels of LA together. Titled Los Angeles, I hope u know how loved you are, the work will be sited in Downtown LA on a lot on Mateo Street that currently functions as a car wash. Through a public outreach campaign that will last throughout the presentation of the installation, Classroom of Compassion and TMR will ask members of the community to submit photos and stories of loved ones they have lost amid the pandemic. The photos will be used to create a looping in memoriam video that projects on a screen embedded in the altar and also on a microsite that will function as a virtual form of the work. Classroom of Compassion hopes that this space will give those that are grieving the loss of friends and family an opportunity to process their loss with others like them, and in turn hold space for their healing journey. An accompanying series of online public programs will activate the work throughout the duration of its presentation.

Perhaps you have lost someone dear to you during this time. If so, join us in creating a common remembrance space that reflects the lives, lessons, and love stories lost amid the pandemic.

This compassionate communal setting provides our city a moment to grieve and a place to memorialize our angels of L.A. together.

Submit your loved one's name, photo and story here.

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